Manuela Cazzanti

Manuela is a Senior Scientist working in Paolo Michieli’s lab at the University of Torino. She holds a MSc degree in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Human Oncology, both from the University of Turin. Manuela started her career working for Paolo in 2006. As a PhD student, she studied the biological role of HGF/MET signaling in cancer and experimented new strategic strategies to target it. As a post-doc, Manuela started to work on the other intriguing side of HGF/MET signaling, namely regenerative medicine. Since then she is fully dedicated to the development and characterization -both in vitro and in vivo- of agonistic antibodies mimicking growth factors as innovative tools to promote healing and repair of disease-damaged tissues. In 2016 she co-founded EuremAb, a spin-off biotech company of the University of Torino specialized in therapeutic antibodies and in animal models of human diseases. In 2017 she co-founded AgomAb together with team colleagues at the University of Torino and collaborators at argenx.