Manuela Cazzanti

Manuela is a Senior Scientist working in Paolo Michieli’s lab at the University of Torino. She holds a MSc degree in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Human Oncology, both from the University of Turin. Manuela started her career working for Paolo in 2006. As a PhD student, she studied the biological role of HGF/MET

Virginia Morello

Virginia obtained a MSc degree in Molecular Biotechnology and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology, both from the University of Torino, Italy. In 2011 she joined the laboratory of Experimental Therapy at the University of Torino, led by Paolo Michieli. Virginia actively collaborated with argenx on the preclinical characterization of ARGX-111, a MET-antagonistic

Hans de Haard

Hans de Haard is a serial pioneer of antibody platforms and has been active in the antibody engineering field since 1989, initially at AKZO Nobel. Subsequently, at the University of Maastricht, he created a large non-immune human Fab library that subsequently became a core asset of Dyax, yielding multiple therapeutic antibodies including ImClone products IMC-A12,

Michael Saunders

Michael Saunders has been discovering novel drugs and selecting therapeutic targets for 25 years, and joined argenx in 2009. At argenx he has been responsible for External Research and the Innovative Access Program, Target Selection, has contributed to the discovery of six antibodies in clinical and preclinical development, and is responsible for academic collaborations and

Federica C. Linty

After obtaining her MSc in Medical Biotechnology at the University of Torino, Federica worked in the group led by Paolo Michieli at the Candiolo Cancer Institute where, through a close collaboration with argenx, she generated, screened and characterized the MET-agonistic antibodies that represent the first asset of AgomAb. Expert in the generation of monoclonal antibodies

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